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Alcatel-Lucent Microwave Solutions

Ideally suited for state and local government systems, public safety, and utilities and transportation networks, Alcatel-Lucent’s MDR-8000 microwave radio family of products provides flexible wireless transport for all of your voice, data and video needs. With more than 50 years of experience in wireless transmission, Alcatel-Lucent provides a solid foundation for your mission-critical network.

With Alcatel-Lucent microwave solutions, your services are easily managed from end-to-end and quickly expandable. Inter-facility and inter-departmental communications across government jurisdictions are easily handled, and the MDR-8000 family does it all cost effectively. Transportation and utility networks also require the highest and most stringent levels of availability, quality and resiliency. The MDR-8000 family addresses all of your needs, including reaching widely dispersed rural areas and covering rough terrain where no other infrastructure exists.

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Alcatel-Lucent IP/MPLS Solutions

The Alcatel-Lucent 7705, 7710 and 7750 products offer state and local government, public safety, and utilities and transportation networks high availability, efficient service-aware traffic management, and high quality of service. 

Designed for unparalleled efficiency, performance and scalability, Alcatel-Lucent’s IP/MPLS products offer complete, end-to-end solutions that can easily grow with your needs. And with support for all access media, including microwave, DSL, fiber and traditional copper in the first mile, you don’t have to make compromises due to technological limitations. This flexibility ensures that you get a valuable return on your capital investment.

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We understand your wireless needs. Whether you're looking to increase productivity and efficiency, cut costs and drive revenue or improve public safety and security, we've got a technology solution for your real-world problems. No matter how big or small.

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) / Global Positioning Satellite (GPS)

Automatic vehicle location or AVL is a means for determining the geographic location of a vehicle or asset and transmitting this information to a point where it can be used. The location is determined using GPS, and the transmission mechanism is a satellite, terrestrial radio or cellular connection from the vehicle to a radio receiver, satellite or nearby cell tower.

With global positioning satellite (GPS) technology you can manage vehicles whenever and wherever you like. You can locate the closest vehicle to a new job, verify vehicle stops, and keep track of customer visits. GPS systems also help you dispatch more effectively by using fleet maps and driving directions.

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Bluetooth is a low-power, short-range wireless technology that enables certain types of wireless communication between compatible Bluetooth-enabled devices. Enter the world of Bluetooth wireless technology. No wires. No limits. Now you can sync up a compatible Bluetooth enabled Motorola unit to compatible Bluetooth enabled laptops, headsets, car kits and PDAs, all without wires. Easily transfer and access information from up to 10 meters. Effortlessly and wirelessly answer calls. Access the Internet. Simpler, smarter and seamless.

Motorola Bluetooth Headsets and Speakers

Check out another way to make your life easier; go completely wireless with compatible Motorola Bluetooth enabled handsets and accessories. They work seamlessly with compatible Bluetooth enabled devices like laptops and PDAs, freeing you from the limits of wires and cords.

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Motorola’s exclusive IMPRES technology provides a communication interface between radios, batteries and chargers, which automates battery maintenance and enhances the capabilities of two-way radio systems. Batteries that are charged and maintained at their optimal levels benefit from longer life, ensuring the reliability of the radio and the safety of the mission critical worker and community.

IMPRES charging, periodic automatic reconditioning and recalibration serve three purposes:

  • Recalibrates batteries of all three chemistries: NiCd, NiMH, Lithium-Ion (Li-ion)
  • Helps to minimize the memory effect in NiCd and NiMH batteries
  • Utilizes battery data to optimally charge Lithium-Ion batteries

Motorola’s IMPRES chargers evaluate the actual usage pattern of each IMPRES battery. This allows the charger to adapt to that individual battery’s usage pattern and establish the optimal reconditioning and recalibration interval for that battery. IMPRES uses an adaptive algorithm, which relies on several factors to evaluate the need for reconditioning/recalibration. The system then automatically reconditions/recalibrates the battery as required. The intelligence within the IMPRES system automates the process - removing guesswork from determining the optimal reconditioning/recalibration interval.

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Gain visibility into your business operations and streamline automating processes. Motorola's RFID solutions enable you to advance your business to a new level of efficiency by providing greater visibility into your inventory as it moves across the supply chain. With real-time tracking information, you'll always know where your critical business assets are.

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Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)

Licensed, professional two-way radio is on the verge of making the biggest leap forward since the invention of the transistor — the move from analog to digital. Digital radio offers many advantages over analog, including improved voice quality at greater range, better privacy, sophisticated call-control features, the ability to easily integrate with data systems, and more. We’re now at the beginning of what will quickly become a large-scale migration to digital radio in professional applications. At the same time, regulatory pressures combined with real-world operating needs are driving radio manufacturers and users to communicate more information in a given slice of RF spectrum — in other words, to increase “spectral efficiency.” Channels that historically carried a single call at a time are now being divided so they can carry two.

Two technologies exist to enable this “splitting” of channels, allowing multiple access on a single channel. Frequency-Division Multiple Access (FDMA) splits the channel frequency into two smaller sub-channels that can carry separate calls side-by-side. Time-Division Multiple Access (TDMA) preserves the full channel width, but divides it into alternating time slots that can each carry an individual call. Both technologies are already being used in North America to accomplish the FCC-mandated split of 25 kHz channels into 12.5 kHz channels, and they’re both being used worldwide to accomplish similar increases in spectral efficiency whether currently mandated or not.

Two-slot 12.5 kHz TDMA-based systems, providing 6.25 kHz equivalency, is the right choice for most mobile professionals. Professional radio standards based on TDMA technology are already widely used around the world, and future requirements for even greater spectral efficiency are almost certain to be based on TDMA as well. Today and tomorrow, TDMA technology provides advantages of feature flexibility, lower equipment costs, longer battery life, future-readiness and the proven ability to increase spectral efficiency without risking increased congestion or radio channel interference.

Leveraging a Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) platform, MOTOTRBO reduces overall equipment costs while supporting more users and more information in the same area and frequency. The performance and flexibility of TDMA make it the only serious choice for professional two-way digital radio.

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Voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP)

Voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) is a protocol optimized for the transmission of voice through the Internet or other packet-switched networks.

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